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Specialisation: Singapore Job
Education Qualification: Primary/ Secondary/ O level
Work Location : Singapore, Singapore
Salary Range : S$ 1,700.00 - 1,800.00
Posted Date : September 23, 2022

Job Description & Specification
1. Identity
Job Title : Cook (Western or Wok)
Department : Operations
Report to : Senior Cook/ Assistant Kitchen Manager/ Direct Supervisor
Direct Report : NIL
Employment Status : Full-Time
2. Job Purpose and Key Accountabilities
(state the overall statement on purpose and accountabilities)
The Cook is in-charge of preparing and/ or directing the preparation of food to be served, complying with all applicable sanitation, health and hygiene standards. The incumbent shall follow established company policies and SOPs. The incumbent is responsible for maintaining a clean and organised cook arena to ensure customer’s orders are timely met.
3. Main Duties and Responsibilities
 Demonstrate basic food preparation and cooking techniques for Western or Asian Cuisine.
 Maintain and adhere to hygiene, food quality, workplace safety, health policies and standards.
 Ensure compliance to the company’s rules, regulations and food preparation SOPs.
 Complete task assigned efficiently and effectively.
 Work closely with Senior Cook to maintain kitchen cleanliness, hygiene standards and control food wastage.
 Provide clean dinning environment and excellent service experience for customers.
 Provide efficient preparation of food for prompt customer delivery within the established SOP and outlet’s service standard. Comply with company’s policies and procedures relating to all outlet activities.
 Co-coordinate closely with respective cook and kitchen team to provide seamless customer food order experience.
 Serve as a stand in for cook in other outlets during peak period and emergencies.
 Involve in cleaning duties including cleaning of workstations, dishes and wiping of fridges.
 Perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Direct Supervisor.
4. Job Specification
(State the education, experience, training, and technical skills necessary for entry into this job)
 Minimum ‘O’ level education or equivalent.
 Possess basic skills in food preparation and cooking techniques.
 Good understanding of Western or Asian cuisine with a focus on food quality, production, sanitation, cost controls and presentation.
 Possess a fun, youthful personality, excellent service aptitude and an ability to communicate effectively with customers.
 Able to do shift work, including over weekends and public holiday.
 There is no fixed off day.

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