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Specialisation: Singapore Job
Education Qualification: Doctorate (PhD)
Master Degree
Work Location : Singapore, Singapore
Salary Range : S$ 8,500.00 - 9,900.00
Posted Date : November 11, 2022

The primary responsibility of this position is to modify existing photovoltaic products and to initiate, plan, design, develop and introduce new products to market by formulating and developing material solutions with the understanding of the materials science and solar cell physics used in the development of finished products.

Solves complex technical problems, applies technology in new ways, develops and recommends new alternatives by utilizing expertise to accelerate development of new products.

Analyze/identify/solve problems or customer complaints regarding existing products and originate formula or process changes for new applications.

Maintains regular interaction to provide detailed explanation or technical responses to both internal and external parties, and function as a resource to sales, marketing, technical service, and manufacturing

Record precise results and findings in laboratory book, database and/or files

Review and provide updates to product data sheets and technical data packages

Lead product development teams as assigned, and act as a leader cum mentor to engineers and/or technicians conducting research activities under his or her guidance.



A minimum of a Master’s in Materials Science or related field and a minimum of six to eight years of laboratory experience are required.

A minimum of six (6) years of specialized experience should be in one or more of the following areas: Si based PV processing, glass or ceramic science, particle science, organic/inorganic chemistry, colloidal chemistry, surface chemistry and coatings or related field. Glass or ceramic science, colloidal science and particle science is preferred. 

Knowledge and formulation experience of thick film paste/ink is required.

Self-starter with an attention to detail.

Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and leadership ability; exhibit a high level of motivation and initiative. 

Must have a proven track record of successful product development, fundamental breakthroughs, and/or new field establishment. 

PhD with two to four years of experience is also encouraged to apply.

Kindly contact Ms Emily for further details at 0123695453 or forward your resume to [ ]

Kindly contact Ms Lynn at +6012-5985453 for further details or send your resume to [ ] 


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